Safebar General Specifications

Selection Guidlines

  • When selecting Liftco Safebar, first determine the electrical load requirements of the machinery
  • Secondly calculate the volt drop potential along the length of the system:


Volt drop = length x resistance x current x 1.73

  • When determining volt drop remember to take into account start up current demands which are higher than normal running currents
  • Consult relevent motor manufacturer specifications
  • Volt drop must not exceed 5% along the length of the system


To reduce volt drop the following options can be considered:

  • Install a centre feed or multiple feeds
  • A centre feed effectively halves the length of the system
  • Use a larger capacity Safebar or a Copper Safebar with low resistance and high conductivity properties


Note that the ambient temperature, the heating of the conductor bar itself as a result of the duty cycle as well as the type of environment can also influence the choice of Safebar required

Please consult the factory if in doubt as to volt drop requirements.

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